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Hello I’m Jareb, Welcome to My Crazy Website.

Latest from the Blog

The Electric Clock, Blueprints, the Stapler, and the Grain Elevator.

This essay is about the electric clock, blueprints, the stapler, and the grain elevator. Alexander Baine invented the electric clock in 1840.  Instead of weight moving the pendulum, the pendulum is moved by electricity.  Most of the time the pendulum is replaced by a battery.  The main benefit of the electric clock is that it…

The Steel Plow, the Steam Shovel, the Postage Stamp, and Vulcanized Rubber.

This essay is about the steel plow, the steam shovel, the postage stamp, and vulcanized rubber. John Deere invented the steel plow in 1837.  Prairie soil is extremely fertile, so it sticks to the mouldboard, the part of the plow that actually plows the soil.  While the farmers were plowing, they would have to stop…

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